When I was a kid, my father would tell me that the book of Acts of the Apostles wasn’t actually completed, and that the end of the book didn’t look like it had a proper ending. Now if you look at the 28th chapter of Acts, you too may see my father’s point. It ends with the apostle Paul being in some sort of home detention in Rome. And that was it! Not a word more.

It seems like the end hasn’t been written on purpose, and I believe that we are the continuation of the story. We are the ones who are continuing the deeds that the apostles started the day of Pentecost.

Faith Uncensored is here to tell you about those deeds, stories of today’s courageous men and women who are not hesitant to step out in faith and walk into the footprints of Jesus.

Latest Podcast

Episode 14: Meet you Host Ellie Tescari

Wanna know more about me? This is episode it’s all about me! My friend Rebekah had the brilliant idea to interview me. Some questions are easy and some others are tough, but I’m always honest and most of all UNCENSORED.

Episode 13: Encountering God in the Midst of Civil War

The amazing testimony of Carolyn Figlioli, who during the civil war in South Sudan rescued the 150 children of the orphanage she was in charge of. A story of courage, perseverance and faith in a God who’s well able to do what He had promised!

Episode 12: Is the Great Awakening at the Door? with Gideon and Sarah Stanley

For more than one century revival has been prophesied over the entire world. Gideon Stanley is here today to give us his perspective about it. Extra topic: The pandemic situation in India

Episode 11: The Message of the Beloved with Alex Serrano

God told Alex “Jesus was my beloved and I was well pleased, not because of what He did, but because of who He was”. This is a deep and intimate message that will speak to your heart and will give you a new perspective about God’s love for his children.


Episode 10: Reaching the Unreached with Chuck and Christie Perez

Chuck and Christie travel to the mountains of Mexico to minister to some of the least reached ethnic groups in the world, the Huicholes. This group of indigenous people are located in the Sierra Madre Occidental in Mexico. This episode is full of hope, miracles and wonders!

Episode 9: Jeff Collins

Jeff Collins is an itinerant minister with a heart to preach, teach, empower and release the Body of Christ to live in a personal revival and to receive the abundant life of Jesus.

Episode 8: I thought I was irredeemable with Ronda Latham

Ronda came out to her family as a lesbian at the age of 13 and grew up knowing that God hated her for that. However, being gay didn’t stop God from loving her and going out of His way to show her His love and affection.

Episode 7: Leigh Ellis - ONE NATION PROJECT

Leigh is convinced that preserving our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is crucial and he’s got a plan to achieve that! Let’s hear all about it!

Episode 6: Dr. Stella Immanuel

Dr. Stella Immanuel has a very important message in this episode, a message that sounds very much like a wake up call to today’s church.

Episode 5: The Iron Cross Warrior

Jeremy Alspaugh is a successful Christian businessman with one purpose: making a positive long lasting impact in his community. This is how the Kingdom works!

Episode 4: Revival 4 Survival

Donnell Vigers is a REVIVALIST like those you heard about in the old days. This interview will keep you on the edge of your seat! Get ready!

Episode 3: Without Goliath there's no King David

Rebekah is my long time friend and in this episode she gives us some perspectives on the season we are in.

Episode 2: Bringing Freedom to modern slaves

Bob is a modern hero, that reaches out to sex trafficked women and children. In this episode ear his stories of courage and faith.

Episode 1: They couldn't have a baby...

God is above any doctor’s report and in this interview with Murilo, we will hear how God miraculously intervened and overturned his destiny.

About Me

Ellie Tescari, born and raised in Italy, singer and pianist wannabe, one beautiful day decided that her time to speak up had finally come! She was born for revival and for such a time as this! Ellie is the daughter of Mary and Daniel, that since her childhood imprinted her soul with the strong desire to see her generation and the next one come back to the Father and fully embrace the authority the children of God have. She lives in the suburbs of Houston with her husband Martino, her two children and her hamster.